User Experience Researcher
Food Culture Subject Matter Expert

primary qualitative research
user / organizational ethnography
focus group moderator / work session facilitator
landscape review / earth signals / future scenarios

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Nourishing MODERN HUNGERS of disconnection / dislocation through the design principle of FOODCARE — care for those we feed and those feeding us


User Research
structured interviews, co-creation research, participant observation, landscape review, experience audits, focus group moderation, ideation, semiotics, segmentation, classification, prioritization



Strategic Insights
grounded on user needs, challenges and aspirations AND aligned with client’s strategic goals through messaging, storytelling, frameworks, channels, products, programs and services


Trend Track
emerging food behaviors, narratives and artifacts to increase organizational nimbleness, relevance and differentiation


to engage stakeholders in new ways of thinking about food in culture that grows organizational capacity

current consulting retainerS

Food Ethnographer for Google Food, Yondu Culinary Studio and Perkins School for the Blind, providing user insights and food culture strategy


  • Food Ethnographer for UMass Amherst

  • Consumer / User Experience Researcher to food industry, including Sempio, Walmart Labs, Good Dog, BrightFarms

  • Optimized Whole Foods Market’s digital experience and new value strategy; Safeway’s gluten-free platform; sustainable packaging and premium product design — Kraft, Colgate, Seventh Generation

  • Created foundational consumer insights for Starbucks’ Evolution Fresh retail brand launch; Kraft Breakthrough Innovation’s pipeline for Millennial and Alone Eating; Seventh Generation’s expansion into mass markets

  • Identified global early signals (pre-trend) for Nestle, Kraft, Hersey and Johnson & Johnson

  • Brought deep user empathy to inform brand innovation and marketing campaigns for Kraft, Nestle, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Campbell’s, Heinz and PepsiCo


  • PepsiCo Bioactives Summit. “The Magical Power of Bioactives in Personalized Beverages and Snacks”

  • Barilla Influencers Summit. “Trends in Fresh, Flavorful and Soulful and the Role of Grains”

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sustainable Food Institute & Food Industry Convening. “Role of Sustainability in Consumer Food Choices, Lifestyles, and Trends”

  • Google Restaurant Advisory Council. “Re-routing Lines of Future Fresh: User Trends in Digital Food Life”

  • Johnson and Johnson Consumer Day. “Deep Dive into the Health + Wellness Consumer”